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PATIENT UPDATE (01.07.2020)

Thank you for your continued understanding and patience during this challenging time.  Please find below some important information regarding the practice.

How do I arrange an appointment?

Please note, at this time the practice continues to offer an urgent/emergency service only for appointments.  If you need to arrange an urgent appointment with a GP, you should continue to contact the practice on 01382 543251 (option 2) to arrange an appointment.  Our receptionists will take some details from you in order to determine whether your symptoms can be navigated to an alternative healthcare provider such as a pharmacist, dentist or optician.  If it is felt that you require an urgent GP appointment, you will receive a telephone call back from a GP to discuss your symptoms further.  If the GP decides that you need to attend the practice, they will issue you with an appointment time to attend.  Please do not approach the practice in person to arrange an appointment as you will be turned away and advised to phone the practice to discuss your requirements further.

I’ve been issued with an appointment, what should I do when I arrive?

Please do not attend early for your appointment and only arrive at your appointment time.  Due to the requirement for social distancing, our waiting area has limited space and we may be unable to allow you access to the waiting area if our waiting area is full.

Do I have to wear a face covering when attending the practice?

This is a personal choice.  We do not request that you wear a face covering but, if you wish to do so, you may do so.  If the GP feels you should wear a mask upon attending the practice, the practice will provide you with one.

Is it safe to attend the practice in person?

We would like to reassure all of our patients that the practice has adopted strict infection control procedures, and social distancing procedures, in order to reduce the risk of any cross-transfer of Covid-19.  All rooms, equipment and seating is thoroughly cleansed after each patient.  All staff are maintaining regular hand-washing procedures and alcohol gel is available for use within the practice.  We ask all patients attending the practice to use the alcohol gel upon entering the building and to sit in any seat you are directed to by the receptionist.

Use of practice toilets.

Our patient toilets are not available for use at this time.  We would encourage all patients to use their own toilet before attending the practice.  If you are advised over the telephone to bring a sample, you should bring this with you.

What services have you restarted?

At this present time, the practice has slowly started to reintroduce cervical screening (subject to criteria), diabetic reviews and respiratory (asthma / COPD) reviews.  If a patient is due to attend for a smear, they will be contacted by NHS Scotland to contact the practice.  Patients due to attend for a diabetic or respiratory review will be contacted by the practice.

Further information regarding appointments within the practice.

The practice has noticed an increasing demand for appointments with a GP.  As per the above, the practice continues to operate on an urgent / emergency appointment only basis.  This is to reduce footfall within the practice (the more patients attending, the higher the risk of Covid-19 transmission) whilst enabling the GPs to deal with urgent clinical matters that arise.  Due to the requirements of infection control (disinfecting rooms and putting on / taking off personal protective equipment), it is taking the GPs longer than usual to consult with each patient.  This has impacted the availability of appointments within the practice.  A high percentage of recent appointments have been for minor illness symptoms such as hay fever, bunions, thrush, verrucas, ear ache and muscular pain.  Although the practice appreciates that such symptoms can be troublesome and require medical advice, that advice and treatment can be provided by alternative health care professionals such as your local pharmacist.  Below, you will find details of the NHS Pharmacy First Scotland service which we would encourage patients to use first before requesting an appointment with a GP.



This is an NHS service provided by all community pharmacies in Scotland.  If you have a minor illness, a pharmacy is the first place you should go for advice.  You do not need an appointment and you can go to any pharmacy in Scotland.  The pharmacist can give you advice for a minor illness and provide medicine if they think you need it.

To use this service, you must be registered with a GP practice in Scotland or live in Scotland.  People who do not live in Scotland cannot use this service (even if they are registered with a GP in Scotland).

Pharmacists and their teams are experts in medicines and can help with minor health concerns.  A pharmacist can give you advice and treatment (if you need it) for the following symptoms:































When you visit the pharmacist, they will ask you about your symptoms, give you advice on your condition, provide medication (if you need it) and refer you to another healthcare professional e.g. your GP if they think it is necessary.  The pharmacist will set up a Patient Medication Record (PMR) to make a note of any advice and treatment they give you.

Pharmacists, like GPs, can only provide certain medicines and products on the NHS.  All of these are proven to be effective for treating your condition.  If you want a specific medicine or product, you may need to buy it.  The pharmacist will give you advice on this.   

Our appointment system is changing

Our appointment system will change from 02/09/2019.  Please click on the link below for further information.

Change to appointment system

NHS Fife Psychology

NHS Fife Psychology Department allows patients to access services by visiting their website:  This website allows patients to take part in courses available such as Step on Stress, Back on Trac, Assertiveness and Improving Well-being.  It also allows patients to access the Change Up therapy group which helps people overcome a range of emotional problems.  The website also provides self-help options whilst also providing information on local support and resources.


Please note that the practice has the facility to record all incoming and outgoing calls.

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